LV Series Aluminum Enclosure

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LV Series Aluminum Enclosure

LV Aluminum boxes are suitable for installation, circuit breaking, connection and control of electric and electronic equipments,and find their main application in industrial,automotive,railways,navy,tunnels,parkings,industrial buildings fields ensuring a high mechanical and vibration resistance with IP66 protection degree. 

Standard Supply: Aluminum box PUR seal stainless steel screws,M4 screws
Specification: Material:AISI 12 DIN1725 Standard
Protection Degree: IP66 EN60529 Standard
Resistance to Impact:>7 Joule EN50014 Standard
Temperature Range: -50℃ to 130℃
Paint Finish: Epoxy polyester powder coating

ModelSizeMetal PlatePlate Size
LV060564 x 58 x 36V060548.554.5
LV090664 x 98 x 36V09065185
LV150664 x 150 x 36V150651137
LV110665 x 115 x 55V110651101
LV080782 x 77 x 57V080766.571.5
LV1208127 x 82 x 57V120872117
LV170880 x 175 x 57V170866161
LV250880 x 250 x 57V250866236 
LV1010100 x 100 x 80V101088.588.5 
LV1610-1100 x 160 x 80V1610-184.5144.5 
LV2010100 x 200 x 80V2010 87187 
LV1212125 x 125 x 80V1212110.5110.5 
LV3612120 x 360 x 80V3612 105345 
LV2212125 x 220 x 80V2212112209 
LV2214-2140 x 220 x 90V2214-2122102 
LV1616-1160 x 160 x 90V1616-1148.5148.5 
LV2616160 x 260 x 90V2616147.5248.5 
LV3616160 x 360 x 90 V3616 142.5342.5 
LV2320230 x 200 x 110 V2320 183213 
LV2823230 x 280 x 110 V2823 213263.5 
LV3323-1230 x 330 x 120 V3323-1212.5 312.5 
LV6031600 x 310 x 110 V6031292 582 


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