TB Series Plastic Enclosure

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TB Series Plastic Enclosure

Out of the plastic boxes which are selling at present, it's ability and working efficiency, the competitive power is much higher with the low price same as the level of steel box. The products were added the electromagnetic interference(EMI) and prevent substance of the static electricity,and the strong point was given to the relevant mechanical protection of electricity, electron and etc. Temperature range:-40 to +120℃ ABS:Acrulonitrile Butadiene Styrene PC:Poly Carbonate

SizeProduct modelPlate Model
Cover: Grey ABS
Body: Grey ABS
Cover: Transparent PC
Body: Grey ABS
Cover: Grey PC
Body: Grey PC
Cover: Transparent PC
Body: Grey PC
80 x 120 x 50TB-AG-0812TB-AT-0812TB-PG-0812TB-PT-0812-TJ-0812
100 x 100 x 50TB-AG-1010TB-AT-1010TB-PG-1010TB-PT-1010-TJ-1010
110 x 150 x 70TB-AG-1115TB-AT-1115TB-PG-1115TB-PT-1115-TJ-1115
140 x 190 x 70TJ-TB-AG-1419TB-AT-1419TB-PG-1419TB-PT-1419-TJ-1419
190 x 240 x 90TB-AG-1924TB-AT-1924TB-PG-1924TB-PT-1924-TJ-1924
190 x 240 x 160TB-AG-1924-1TB-AT-1924-1TB-PG-1924-1TB-PT-1924-1-TJ-1924-1
220 x 300 x 120TB-AG-2230TB-AT-2230TB-PG-2230TB-PT-2230-TJ-2230
220 x 300 x 160TB-AG-2230-1TB-AT-2230-1TB-PG-2230-1TB-PT-2230-1-TJ-2230
300 x 380 x 120TB-AG-3038TB-AT-3038TB-PG-3038TB-PT-3038-TJ-3038
300 x 380 x 160TB-AG-3038-1TB-AT-3038-1TB-PG-3038-1TB-PT-3038-1-TJ-3038-1


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